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Spelling Errors: Greenisms - "I, in a wind on fire, from green Adam's cradle, no man more magical, clawed out the crocodile." - Dylan Thomas These are some spelling corrections and errors I used to make.

good way | misspelled way accelerate | accellerate accommodate | accomodate accreting | accretting archetypically | architypically arteriosclerosis | artherosclerosis arthritis | arthritus attach | attatch analogous | analagous bacchanals | baccanals bachelor | batchelor barbecue | barbeque beachcombers | beachcomers Betelgeuse | Betelguese bony | boney brassiere | brassierre broccoli | brocolli buoyant | boyant caricature | characature cemetery | cemetary chloride | cloride color | colour concomitant | concommitant consistent | consistant conceive | concieve correlate | correllate covariant | covarient crystallized | crystalized curvacious | curvatious daiquiri | daquiri degradation | degredation deuteron | deutron dilate | dialate dilation | dialation dilemma | dillema discotheque | discotec disdain | distain Doonesbury | Dunesbury dumbbell | dumbell ecstasy | ecstacy equivalent | equivilant exhilarating | exhilerating exoergically | exoergicly extrachromosomal | extrachromasomal flavor | flavour favors | favours Garfunkel | Garfunkle Gauge | Guage gases | gasses gnash | knash goddesses | godesses God step | Godstep Granddaddy | Grandaddy grandeur | granduer guillotine | gillotine humorously | humerously independent | independant inducible | inducable inhibitor | inhibiter instrumentation | insturmentation Internet | internet invariant | invarient Kathleen | Cathleen Khrushchev | Kruschev Kissinger | Kissenger labor | labour license | licence life span | lifespan Lorentz | Lorenz mackerel | mackeral Maclaurin | Mac Laurin maneuvers | manuevers masturbate | masterbate missile | missle modeling | modelling motivated | motovated mustachioed | mustacheoed mythically | mythicly numinous | numinious obsequience | obsequence observers | observors occasionally | occaisionally occurrence | occurance Okinawa | Okinowa orifice | orfice perceive | percieve perihelion | perhelion periodontal | peridontal phantasmagoric | phantastamagoric Ph D | phd or Phd Planck | Plank Polynesian | polynesian preceding | preceeding pre-collapsed | precollapsed preferred | prefered proving | prooving pseudo- | psuedo- pseudonym | psuedonymn receive | recieve regimen | regimin rejuvenation | rejuvination reminiscent | reminescent repel | repell scavenging | scavanging seize | sieze senescence | scenescence separate | seperate sergeant | sargent shield | sheild signaled | signalled Sistine Chapel | Sistene Chapel syllable | sylable stabilizing | stabilising strategies | stratagies Stefan-Boltzmann Law | Steffan-Boltzmann Law studious | studius tassels | tassles tautly | tauntly therapeutic | theraputic thrombophlebitis | thrombophlebitus transsexual | transexual variational principle | variational principal vermilion | vermillion vignettes | viginettes warranting | warrenting wielding | weilding Winnipeg | Winnepeg yacking or yakking | yaking yield | yeild "Thrombophlebitus!

Mistake #2: Using the word ‘I’ too often Some letters contain as many as 20 or 30 uses of ‘I’, but a good letter shouldn’t be all about the writer. Eventually you’ll automatically stop ‘waffling’ and keep it to the essential five. But his goal was standardisation rather than simplification. Invent your own rules to distinguish between commonly confused words.

If you can’t say it well on one page, you probably can’t say it well at all. Many people go into long-winded explanation or justification that takes up their reader’s time. After writing your email, count the number of sentences, then decide which unnecessary sentences can go. Whether it is ES or S may have to do with the fact that in some other languages such as French, Spanish and German, nouns or naming words have gender – they are either male, female (or neutral, as in German). In 1596, English schoolmaster, Edmund Coote, published the first spelling book.

I may occasionally treat a British spelling as a misspelling of American English. Here is a list of just the correct spellings (which is not always up to date).

Note anti-phonetic words like "yield", "wield", and "shield", seeming to children to be inventions of a concomitant Devil.The remarks of a volunteer editor were also very useful."I, in a wind on fire, from green Adam's cradle, no man more magical, clawed out the crocodile." - Dylan Thomas At galaxy M51's bottom, a Spelling Bee under Ruby Slippers (!As amusing as he is informative, Vivian Cook thrills the reader with more than a hundred entries -- from photographs of hilariously misspelled signs to quizzes best taken in private to schadenfreude-rich examples of spelling errors of literary greats -- that will tickle the inner spelling geek in every reader.


It all adds up to a gem of a book that takes a wry look at the hodgepodge evolution of spelling and the eccentric way it actually works. Ever composed an email to persuade your reader to take an action or motivate them to agree to an idea or opinion? Here’s a BFIR (Behaviour – Feeling – Impact – Result) verbal template you can use to guide a change in behaviour.


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