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I’ve also worked in genetics policy at the Department of Health and immediately prior to joining Genetic Alliance UK I served for 5 years as CEO of the Tuberous Sclerosis Association – one of our member charities.

My work involves developing high-quality information resources for patients and families.

I am also responsible for coordinating the delivery of project work, for example, establishing peer support networks or patient groups for rare and genetic conditions and exploring patient attitudes to genome sequencing.

As Policy Analyst my role is to identify opportunities and risks within current or proposed policy, understand how change is likely to affect patients and carers, and help make sure that the patient perspective is heard.

I have an academic background in both the biomedical and political sciences, and am thrilled to be able to draw on both aspects to help me best advocate on behalf of patients with genetic, rare or undiagnosed conditions.

The work of the Genetic Alliance UK continues to have such an enormously beneficial and sustained impact – supporting, campaigning, uniting.


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