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The animation was strongly influenced by Fleischer Studios (whose cartoons were released by Paramount) and Terrytoons (where Bakshi once worked, and whose Mighty Mouse character was also adapted into a series by Bakshi).A soundtrack album, Songs from the Cool World, featuring recordings by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Moby, Ministry, The Future Sound of London, and others, was released in 1992 by Warner Bros. It included the track "Real Cool World" by David Bowie, his first original solo material in roughly three years; the song was written exclusively for the film.The fact that Paramount Pictures donated a mere ,000 to Rebuild L. should not be a passport to exploit women in Los Angeles." The promotional campaign was focused on the sex appeal of Holli.It was considered by some experts as misaimed, with Paramount's marketing president Barry London saying "Cool World unfortunately did not seem to satisfy the younger audience it was aimed at," Several different licensed video games based on the film were created by Ocean Software.Forty-seven years later, detained cartoonist Jack Deebs creates a comic book named Cool World, which features the femme fatale Holli Would.Holli voices her desire to enter the real world, but is declined help from Frank, who is now a detective in the Cool World.Cool World marked Bakshi's return to feature films after nine years.


When Jack displays skepticism about the idea, Holli abandons Jack to search for the spike on her own.In 1945 Las Vegas, World War II veteran Frank Harris returns from Italy with a motorcycle and reunites with his mother.However, Frank and his mother are struck in a traffic collision with a drunk driver while riding his motorcycle, resulting in the death of Frank's mother; Frank is transported to an animated realm named the "Cool World".During production, Bakshi's original screenplay was scrapped by producer Frank Mancuso, Jr.

and heavily rewritten by Michael Grais and Mark Victor in secret.

The soundtrack received stronger reviews from critics than the film itself, including a four-star rating from Allmusic.


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