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The shuts down for winter, but it’s still possible to get close to the extravagant winter display.The Cave of the Winds Pavilion at Bridal Veil Falls offers an abbreviated tour in winter months, taking you to a sheltered viewing platform (though if you want to hike the famous wooden walkway around the cave, you need to wait until it reopens in April).“It is now commonplace,” writes Alun Munslow in , “for historians, philosophers of history and others interested in narrative to claim we live in a postmodern age wherein the old modernist certainties of historical truth and methodological objectivity, as applied by disinterested historians, are challenged principles” (1).As Munslow emphasizes, following the work of Hayden White and Michel Foucault, it is the nature of narrative itself that creates the impossibility of recovering and representing the past as it actually was.


foregrounds how the telling of history is a literary enterprise.

When even the heartiest souls in Western New York hear a weather forecast for unseasonably cold, arctic air, they head straight indoors and sit by a fire.

When I see the near record low temperatures on New Year’s Day hovering around -13C, however, I stir my parents from the couch and suggest a road trip 50 miles west to Niagara Falls.

My voyages on the boat, sailing around the lower basin below the falls, were a touristy but awe-inspiring favourite.

Draped in a thin blue poncho and soaked in coconut-scent sunscreen and waterfall spray, the thundering rush of cooling water and endless rainbows never failed to impress. With temperatures dipping well below freezing and forecast to remain frigid for at least another week, the area is an icy spectacle packed with locals, tourists and those seeking the perfect Instagram shot.It even sounds duller and less thunderous than in summer months.


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