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This find's birch box and sheer number of stamps suggest that it hails from between 19 (later versions came packed in cardboard and typically contained far fewer pieces). Though obviously well-loved, this treasure remains intact—down to the old stamp pad—yielding an estimate higher than what our reader spent, .

What It's Worth: 0Though the artist is unknown, the subject of this heirloom remains perfectly clear: It's Carbine, a champion racehorse who competed in New Zealand and Australia from 1887 to 1891.

What It's Worth: The Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. Employed in classrooms and offices, the top-loading, hand-crank tool refreshes a writing utensil via an exposed propeller blade (a removable bottom drawer catches the shavings).

Mounted on a wood base, the steel, tin, and cast-iron contraption reigned as America's best-selling pencil sharpener from 1907 through 1914.


Quality antique stoves with restoration potential command up to ,500 (fully updated examples, converted to gas or electric, can bring as much as ,000).A home cook would have filled the mold with chopped meat or fruit, plus suet, flour, and spices, and then secured the lid with twine and placed the whole thing in boiling water or an oven.


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