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~ Mc Donald’s, when it was just a Hamburger Stand with no dining room and a simple menu. They had 3 whole walls of candy, and you could buy a whole brown bag full with your 25 cent allowance.~ Cars that had a split windshield with metal down the center.

~ Getting to school after braving the cold and the snow, and finding out the only reason school hadn’t been called off was because the phones were down and the nuns couldn’t call into the radio station.

The image is linked to a full-size version of the graph.

If you lived through the 1950s or 1960s see how much of these you remember. Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom) ~ Roller skates that needed a key ~ Making a skateboard by nailing a pair of keyed skates onto an old board ~ Steam operated locomotives ~ Hobos (who called at our house until 1965 when the last steam locomotive stopped rolling on the tracks at the end of our street.

John Elwood, WW7P, did a heroic job of determing the age of Vibroplex keys by serial number.


One place to find his document is on the Vibroplex site here.

~ Watching for the Sputnik satellite in the sky on summer nights in the early 1960s ~ Watching for Apollo 11 in the sky when it was launched while we were on Vacation in Florida in July, 1969, watching the moon landing on black and white T. from the motel room, and being able to go out the next day to Walgreen’s and buy the broadcast on a 45 RPM record. ~ When dance was such a big deal, every variety show had their own dancers (Tom Hansen/ Red Skelton, June Taylor/ Jackie Gleason, etc.) ~ Elvis making his ’68 comeback, wearing a black leather jacket; what my Grandma said about it ~ Watching Shindig, Happening, Soul Train, and American Bandstand on TV (It has a nice beat, it’s easy to dance to. .) ~ Watching the Smother’s Brothers on Sunday Night (when we were Waist Deep in the Big Muddy).


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