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With the rise of eugenics in the latter part of the nineteenth century, such deviations were viewed as dangerous to the health of entire populations.

With disability viewed as part of a person's biological make-up and thus their genetic inheritance, scientists turned their attention to notions of weeding such "deviations" out of the gene pool.

Physiological functional capacity (PFC) is a related term that describes an individual's performance level.

It gauges one's ability to perform the physical tasks of daily life and the ease with which these tasks are performed.

The concept of the "norm" developed in this time period, and is signaled in the work of the Belgian statistician, sociologist, mathematician, and astronomer Adolphe Quetelet, who wrote in the 1830s of l'homme moyen – the average man.


These results indicate three chronological clusters, respectively between 4850/4610 – 4530/4330 cal BC; 4430/4250 – 4270/3980 cal BC; and 4050/3840 – 3680/3480 cal BC.In accordance with this chronology the cultural remains on the site are affiliated with the Late Mesolithic, Swifterbant and Michelsberg cultural groups, and display contacts with the Bandkeramik and Rössen cultures.



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