Free cams without sign up

It still offers a lot of features: 1080p video, person alerts, familiar face alerts, night vision, a CSI-style zoom and enhance feature, two-way audio dubbed “HD Talk and Listen”, activity zones you can create to focus or block alerts on a specific area, and more.

There's also “Supersight,” which Nest dubs the combination of a 4K sensor, HDR, and close-up tracking, where the camera zooms in on and follows people moving through the frame.

It also offers great software features that others cams can’t compete with.

But Nest’s other two cams are almost just as good, offer almost identical features (especially with a Nest Aware subscription), and cost 0 less.

Despite the competition, Nest keeps charging a premium for its cloud features. But given the high initial cost of the Nest Cam IQ, I’d expect to get a bit more for the money.

The Nest Cam IQ is a beautiful and well-designed product.

You have to subscribe to Nest Aware—it costs /month or 0/year for 10-day continuous cloud backups, or /month (or 0/year) for 30-day continuous cloud backups—to get person alerts for the older Nest cams, which use the cloud to process the person alerts.

As for familiar face alerts, they require a Nest Aware subscription These two features are what really sets the Nest Cam IQ apart from its older siblings.

It’s an interesting, if creepy, feature, but outside of being a way to be extra vigilant about who is in your home(perhaps if you're the parent of teenagers? However if it’s a feature that interests you, it is available with a Nest Aware subscription.

And Netgear’s Arlo Pro, our Best Value pick for outdoor cams, offers seven days of free cloud storage.

Without Nest Aware, you’ll only get still snapshots from your cam for the past three hours of use.

On the Nest website, you are able to leave the mic on and still hear people, which makes it much easier to have a conversation.

Nest tells me that this will be fixed later this summer, but at launch it just seems like a weird bug to leave in place.Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives.


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