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This month brings a refresh of the Regional Support program, a new 5-star GM, and more conventions for our community to enjoy!

Time flies when your having fun planning conventions!

Not only does this make for great deck cycling, but it really takes the sting out of those early scenarios when you have no skill feats.

That last power mentions something called "Spirit Relatives," and you may ask, "What does that mean?

, the next set of Pathfinder Battles miniatures from Wiz Kids, and this week I get to show off some of my favorite figures in the set. As long as humanity has stood on the edge of the jungle and peered into the darkness beneath the impenetrable canopy, the imagination has created as many phantasmal dangers as actually exist in the unforgiving environment.

But not all of these dangers are primeval, unthinking beasts that see explorers as little more than a potential meal.


If you know a deserving member of your community, please email me at [email protected] their name, location, and the reasons you feel they should be recognized for their service.Many, in nearly every culture and mythology, exist to protect the untamed, untainted regions of the world from humanity's encroaching influence.



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