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However, those who feel very unwell or have underlying health problems may need to be treated in hospital with intravenous antibiotics. Eat well, take daily exercise, get plenty of rest – and, of course, don’t smoke.Because antibiotics deplete good gut bacteria too, consider a probiotic supplement such as Mega Probiotic ND by Food Science of Vermont (take one capsule twice daily, £18.50 for 60). As with all infections, it’s important to avoid dehydration. A reader asks what skincare she should use for her very dry skin, which is prone to psoriasis.10 – Perché Beppe è un nostro amico, arriva Natale, e sono pochi Euro spesi bene (per una piacevole lettura e un po’ di sana cultura).Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the skin and the tissue beneath the skin.Il male peggiore fra le mani di Nadia Fagiolo ed Emilia Spinelli " data-medium-file="



Radio presenter Vanessa Feltz – whose leg felt ‘like a sausage that was about to burst’ – had to have invasive surgery when she had cellulitis recently. Most people can be treated with oral antibiotics at home.

So keeping skin adequately moisturised is vital (see left).

Also consider taking an omega-3 essential fatty acid supplement such as Ideal Omega 3 by Ideal Omega (take one capsule daily, £23.70 for 60).

Risk factors include being overweight, circulation problems and diabetes.

These increase the risk of infection, because of factors such as reduced blood supply and weakened immune system (some drugs, eg, corticosteroids, suppress the immune system).

If you notice any breaks in the skin, keep them clean and cover with a dressing or plaster.


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