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During this time Joey is still a support to him, and Pacey as well, who befriended Jack through his romance with Andie.

Jack's first encounter with a guy who is interested in him fills him with terror as he does not feel ready at all to date.

Dawson Leery Jack and Dawson didn't get on well at first due to Jack's attraction to and later relationship with Joey, Dawson referring to Jack as the guy who stole Joey away from him.

After Jack came out the two developed a friendliness, becoming especially close over the summer between Season 3 and Season 4.

Joey Potter Joey and Jack first meet in Crossroads, during a fight between Dawson and Joey.Later the roles revert when Jack moves in with Jen and Grams.They bond over being fellow outsiders, each in their own ways, although Jen feels more like this personally, whereas Jack is a popular guy who experiences discrimination because of his sexuality.Jack proceeds to continually surprised Joey with his keen discerning of human nature, though she also thinks of him as clumsy – this perception is later rectified.


As they become friends, Jack finds himself drawn to Joey and kisses her.

This results in him dumping Tobey and slacking off at college, until he finds himself utterly unrecognisable.



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