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The result will inevitably be: The smaller home owner will be driven out of the Toronto home market and property values will increase as a result.

Most home purchasers will think twice before buying a new home in Toronto thereby slowing the Toronto Real Estate market down significantly over previous robust years. I’m a freelance Title Searcher / Conveyancer / Searcher of Records with 24 years of experience.



You would go to a lawyer to put a construction lien on title, right? One must be a licensed user of Teranet to be able to access any property information province wide. In this post, I’ll briefly and simply outline the world of title searching in Ontario, Canada.Easements are usually between the owners of the property and utility or communication companies reserving access to your land for the purposes of maintaining their hardware.Restrictions can be imposed on a property by the municipality or the developer for various reasons.The old standard (by law) was to go back 40 years to ensure a clear chain of title with no existing encumbrances or ‘clouds’ on title. These days, to be able to form a legal opinion of a property, one only has to search back to when the last registered owner took title. All searches are done online by licensed users such as myself through Teranet.


Through a proper title search you will learn the owners name, when they bought, how much they paid, property boundaries, legal descriptions, outstanding mortgages, easement, rights of way, any other parties may have an interest in the land (spousal interest etc) .Paralegal / Title Searcher such as myself…less than half of that! This is a simple process for a licensed title searcher such as myself and all title information is guaranteed accurate by the Government of Ontario.


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