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So ever since I heard of an amazing product called, Thaumaturgic Bio Mist, I knew I had to be fully stocked with it! HOCL is short for Hypochlorous Acid, which might sound a bit scary, but is in fact a compound found in your white blood cells to protect your skin from pathogens and help aide in its healing process. I showed her my bio mist bottle and she took and without even asking, sprayed the stuff right on her eyes!It shocked me that she would be so trusting with it, but after just a few seconds, she opened her eyes and couldn’t believe how good she felt!Plus, it’s got a shelf life of 2 years so it’s certainly ok if you don’t use it all too quickly.Besides the fact that HOCL is part of the protective process of your skin, it’s also helpful in 10 more amazing ways.I’m also a bit of a scrunchy mom who does her best to manage her child’s health with some organic foods but can’t resist making him happy with oreos.However, when it comes to his skin, I do my best to make sure it’s well-taken care of.Also is Blog Her Con good to go to if your not as developed in blogging as others or is it just for expierenced bloggers?




The Absorb-loc The Poise brand teamed up with Brooke Burke-Charvet to help educate women about LBL and empower them to seize their Poise moment – that exact point where they stop letting leaks interrupt their lives and reach for products, We deserve the best options for managing LBL and the Poise brand offers products made specifically for us to live our lives uninterrupted with confidence. to learn more and request a sample, so you too can Seize Your Poise Moment, whenever it arises!

Please note that I’ve been using this product for at least a year now and these are my very own findings!


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