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One-third of the way into the film, we suddenly discover we've been in flashback mode the entire time when Kenny pops up, telling his story to FBI agents.

Meanwhile, the script takes any number of patience-testing detours.

It was 1992, and the world had been grappling with the Aids epidemic for a little more than a decade.Here are 23 iconic movies turned down by presumably regretful actors.Camila Alves was born in Brazil and raised there until the age of fifteen.Based on the true story of a scam that bilked investors of billions, Gold introduces us to a hapless prospector named Kenny Wells (Mc Conaughey), who is about to lose everything after a decade of looking for lode in all the wrong places. with news of one of the biggest gold strikes in history, the wolves, sharks and assorted vermin of Wall Street come pounding on their door for a piece of the golden pie.

On a hunch, he invests his last dime in an expedition launched by a fellow prospector, Michael Acosta (Hands of Stone star Edgar Ramirez), who's absolutely positive there's gold in them thar hills — of remote Indonesia. It looks like our boys have it made — but, of course, their problems are only beginning.These drugs were then distributed so members could self-medicate.


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