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The Vengeance of Fu Manchu from Richard Jewell on Vimeo.There is a select group within the ranks of the GIMP Forum that especially lusts after choice scenes of breast whippings (even more so when said breasts are more so).The issue of trading real or acted with better looking models is an interesting one. For over the top pain illustration works, Arcas and Damian being examples.If you want to see real electro check out infernal restraints Curious Eloise it is the best of the best.As such I would like to nominate the following GIMPers to be charter members of the select new group within our group to be known as the .My sincerest welcome to Klingsor, Boccaccio, Willie J, Ed and petelobo. k9mmv, The same poster artwork was used for a different Fu Manchu movie in America.


A side note, if you are going to be doing more fictionalized stuff, something that would help me get over it would be to improve the strictness of your bondage and include more struggling. That's why I actually bought the Inquisition episode (but no others). Another one that I really like (and have purchased his 2 comics) is [skatingjesus.deviantart.com] - I actually wanted to post one of his pictures in this post but then I stopped myself because I am not sure if it would be ethical... My real question if about the CG artist Balthasar: Zylinderrohr wrote: @Ralphus-glad to hear you're doin ok lil guy.

When I see a loose wrist rope in any BDSM scene, it takes me right out of it. Careful with those explicit websites..the spaghetti-o's! GIMP-ers: I have a request for those who can digitize VHS.

An AOH "holy grail" of mine, "Undercover Vixens" has been sitting on Amazon for a while and I wanted to see if anyone can help me get it.

But I am definitely on board as regards the mission statement!


Long may they dance, bounce,quiver, shimmy and shudder under the lash.

I tried a big search, if there exist any whip scene of this pair in the movie but got nothing.



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