Prancer dating

But as Jessica races to help her antlered friend find his way back to Santa in time for Christmas, wondrous changes begin to occur in the lives of the people around her ...changes which lead to a conclusion that will warm your heart on even the coldest winter's evening.Jessica Riggs is struggling to get over the recent death of her mother due to an unknown illness.


Plucky nine-year-old Jessica Riggs (Rebecca Harrell) resolutely believes in Santa Claus even though her schoolmates think she's a baby.When he writes an editorial about it, Jon finds out his daughter’s secret.He suggests they take Prancer out to Antler Ridge, where he can rejoin Santa Claus and the rest of the reindeer.Get merrily high with these ding-dongs as they prove it’s more fun to be bad, for goodness sake!

Standard ( Concession) This concert is presented in cabaret-mode with general admission seating available at tables of two and four.When an injured reindeer appears in Jessica’s backyard, she believes it is Prancer.


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    Even if you enter a distance range, age range and other basic criteria, there are still too many results to consider.

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    Her mother is an artist and designer, and her father, a farmer.

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