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Bonnie Wright: I think you got to more sort of look out with your character that comes.It's not just kind of one section at the beginning and then at the end of the film.So it was a challenge for me to play this much more emotional and vulnerable person. It was nice to have someone to really get stuck into. Daniel Radcliffe: The big change for Harry this year is his relationship with Dumbledore. So it wasn't that we did it and it was shit and didn't make it.It was also fun to do a lot more comedy with Rupert [Grint]. Rupert Grint: I like to think this is Ron's best year at Hogwarts. Previously it's always been very much teacher and student. We may have to edit for the last one yet, but we did that scene about two weeks ago.She's the brains behind the operation, but in this one I think that you see a very different Hermione. So I don't know what it's like to get girls without having the aid of it. Emma Watson: I think there might've been a small understanding.


There's a lot of sexual tension, done remarkably well I might add, and humor here.Newsround can exclusively reveal that actress Jessie Cave has been cast as Lavender Brown in the next Potter film.


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    It was during, sharing that she and Coward “weren’t on great terms” at the time.

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