Soulja boy dating who

The couple has been dating for little over a year now, and Diamond is still intrigued by him and his swag.“His ambition his drive to challenge himself to take on other challenges not just musically.” However, as we all know this fairytale wasn’t always the case as she too dated ATL rapper Lil Scrappy for six years. I’m to the point now, because I know at one point he was trying to reach out, and I was still angry from a lot of things that happened in the past.” Aside from relationship drama, the rap diva is keeping up with her long career. Her single ‘Screws Loose’ is out an i Tunes now and she has more plans for her upcoming album .As a result, the rapper says he’s going to knock out Chris and crank that Soulja Boy in celebration.has been going through a rough patch of late–and their behind-the-scenes drama recently went public when it spilled over onto social media.Her life is a full of twists and turns; quite unpredictable and somewhat tragic maybe!After breaking up with longtime beau Soulja Boy, Nia is living a perfect family life with her baby girl.Many sources speculated that NBA star Al Horford might be the father of the baby girl. She revealed the news about her miscarriage in an episode of Love & Hip-Hop.However, Al is living a married life with Amelia Vega since 24 December 2011. In addition, the reality TV star expressed her desire for a little baby boy recently via Twitter.


She was posing with her co-star Lil Fizz and that went onto becoming viral.

“That was f*cked up how he beat her ass like that smh.” I mean, for what it’s worth, it was very much “f*cked” up.


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