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However, they still need to be sealed with a good wood sealer and/or primer and then painted with a high quality outdoor paint. But we haven’t decided whether to paint the brick yet or not. Exterior wood porch columns can deteriorate and rot over time due to exposure the elements.For safety it’s important that the jack, post, and beam are aligned one directly over the other.With the weight removed, the rotten column can be removed.



Look at me being all safe and serious...lucky for me that I wore the safety glasses because there was all sorts of dirt and debris falling out from underneath the header.

Today, I am going to show you what he did in the next 24 hours!

The second day in our home, Cy came home from Lowe’s with some lumber to add columns to our new open front porch.

There's still a lot to tackle, so I took an overcast day to scratch one of them off of our to-do list.


We have two treated 4x6 posts supporting our porch roof.A few hours out of my day and our porch is starting to look amazing!



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