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As you can see, it’s still covered in paneling, but we gave it a facelift by painting it a couple of years ago. Painting paneling is such an easy and inexpensive way to update a dated space. It’s also made from 1964 paneling, but it got a makeover with paint, new knobs, and paintable grasscloth-looking wallpaper in the back of it.

Part of the decor in the shelves includes some of our vintage games, yet another thing that I seem to In the master bedroom, we have a casual, laid back style. I either want to make one from an old door or a fireplace mantel. Someday I’ll get that marked off my list and actually have a headboard in here!

The dresser is one that I painted and distressed earlier this year.

Inside the paint store where I work, I’ve claimed a small space where I sell some of my painted pieces and you can get a glimpse of it here, or you can see a few other pieces I’ve done here.

This is my favorite area to decorate because it’s the first thing I see when I come home, and also because it’s the easiest and quickest to change.

Anything that takes very little time and makes me happy has got to be a good thing.



And I love to use items for something other than their intended use.

They had shiny, round brass knobs which I switched out to oil-rubbed bronze, and that helped.

I still don’t love them, but they’ve grown on me and I don’t dislike them enough to paint them.

It’s been in several places around the house and on the porch, but I really like it here…for now! The space isn’t huge, but is just right for the 4 of us. But I find them cheap and have so much fun with them. It reminds me of how I used to play “house” when I was a little girl. Here’s some more of our fall decor with natural items.


Moral of the story: if you really love it, buy it if possible. The antique hutch in the photo above gets restyled seasonally. One thing we like to do as a family is hiking or just being out in nature, so I really like to use natural, organic items whenever possible.

And honestly, they’re so much easier to keep clean than our white ones were.



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