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In a new interview with star explained why she chose to kept Daly's name a secret for so long."He didn’t sign up for this world, I did," Moore shared."I focused so hard on breaking old habits of not running away when things get tough. I should have run away as fast as humanly possible."She continued, "I am thankful to have moved on from what seems like a lifetime ago. I do not now or will ever have any communication with him. I'm done." In fact, Moore was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend earlier this year. News, the certified trainer was to stay 200 yards away from Moore and have zero contact with her by phone, e-mail or any means of communication.I do not wish harm on anyone and hope that he can move on with his life and leave me completely alone. In the original petition for a protective order, the reality star and her legal team accused Jordan of calling the Bravo star "up to 30 times a day" between September 2016 and February 2017.'You're a s*** from the '90s and you're sitting up here trying to act like you have class.' Fighting words: After Kenya accused her castmate of cheating on now ex-husband Kordell Williams, the 31-year-old leapt to her feet and got physical with her co-star, much to host Andy Cohen's utter shock Porsha then swung at her detractor, attempting to swat at her megaphone, but unfortunately manages to catch poor Cynthia Bailey in the process, who is seated between them, exposing one of her breasts to the cameras.'Get fired, get fired,' Kenya retorts, which seemingly sets Porsha off, at which stage she grabs Kenya's hair and pulls her down to the ground, as Andy yells 'No, no, no! I've literally taken so much from her for two years.

As dramatic as the reunion can be, I always look at it as a time for closure, as well as new beginnings.'The confrontation took place during the taping on March 27 at the Biltmore Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, and resulted in 31-year-old Porsha being booked for battery at Fulton County Jail on April 16 and released on ,000 bail.'Listen, you are not going to keep on talking about my character like you know what you're talking about,' Porsha replied angrily.

Marc has some other major ties to the New York culinary scene.



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